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This was the worst experience with a contractor I have ever had. Never in my life have I been treated so poorly and so unprofessionally as with Monarch Pools. We had a 16' x 32' in-ground pool installed this summer in Bergen County. There are no grudges here, I am a business man myself, I only wish that nobody else will ever have to go through what I went through, and that is why I am writing this review: to protect any future customers from hiring a contractor that abuses and exploits customers for their own profit like Monarch Pools. Here is what happened during my pool installation:

- They harass you for money. They called my house, yelled at my wife, left negative voicemails, threatened to walk off the job multiple times. THIS IS AFTER THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN PAID!! They were asking the babysitters at the house to write them checks.

- They demand more payment than is due. My backyard was a war zone. There was a mountain of dirt in my backyard, the pool was not backfilled, job 1/2 way done, there was unsafe conditions all over, there was stone, debris, garbage, and material everywhere. Their project manager shows up at my house (with the site in this condition) and literally threatens to take me to court at the top of his lungs if I didn't pay him in full. THIS IS WHEN THEY HAVEN'T EVEN BACKFILLED THE POOL AND BY BACKYARD IS A WAR ZONE!!! This is way before final inspections, etc. It's unethical and abusive.

- They set you up for damages. I experienced this issue just this week (it is Oct. right now). I am about to close the pool, and their manual says "you do not need to blow the pipes out to winterize the pool". I went to a local pool store to review this, and this local pool store basically said "it was a Monarch install, right?". I couldn't believe it. He told me that he used to work for Monarch and they purposely advise against blowing lines out so when the pipes burst in the winter they can come back for thousand dollar repairs. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

- They walked off the job in the middle of the project. This was during the liner installation and due to "lack of payment". This is a $25,000 project, and they had already been paid 95% of their balance. That's roughly $24,000. At this point, the project is about 50% complete. It was ludicrous that I they left the site, did not return until I explained to them that they had already been paid. And of course, there were negative phone calls and voicemails requesting more money.

- Poor communication. Their project manager has so much on his plate that he can't remember which job is what. If you ask him a question about the project, he confuses jobs and starts to yell at you. I was yelled at almost 10 times by their office for asking basic, important questions about the project. It was extremely abusive.

- They lie to your face about when they will be onsite and not. Their foreman told me during mid-pool construction that they needed to pull of the job "due to forecasted rain". Then two days later they came back in the middle of torrential downpour and continue to work. I couldn't wrap my head around this.

- They try to get you to do their work. When their electrician came to the site to start wiring the equipment, he asked me personally to dig the trench in the ground for the conduit. When I explained to him that the trench is part of the contract for the pool, he left the site. When I called the office, their project manager yelled at me demanding that I dig it for them. UNBELIEVABLE!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

- They gouge you on changes. During excavation, I was told I need "additional gravel" fill in voids in the ground. The bill comes in at $800 for a truckload, which is almost double the going rate. It was blatant price gouging. Furthermore, they only used 1/4 of the load for the "voids", and spread the rest of material around the pool to make their installation easier. So basically, I paid $800 for the $100 worth of gravel that was actually needed. When I called out their office on this, I was yelled at repeatedly for questioning the issue.

- They dumped dirt & stone in the pool during backfill and refused to remove it. I pool basically circulated dirt and I couldn't use the pool for most of the summer due to this dirt issue. I called, left messages, and they told me "have someone else remove the stones". I had to hire another pool company to come and remove the dirt and stones. Ridiculous.

- They left my chemicals, diving board, rails, manuals in the rain for 2 months. They shipped massive cardboard boxes to my backyard and never told me what they were. After 2 months I asked where the diving board was and then told me all my stuff was in these in these boxes. It had rained many times and basically ruined the manuals, boxes, & chemicals.

- They gouged me on the concrete change

- Cement was chipped and poorly installed.

- Excavator expected me to manage his every step

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